Why Flatbeds?

Flatbeds are for people looking to maximize the utility of their truck. Below we share some of the most common reasons to go flat.

wide body

Use the Full Width of Your Truck

Getting rid of the wheel wells and stock tub seriously increases the usable width.

easier access

Entry from any side

You can load the truck from all three sides and carry longer/wider loads.


Design Freedom

Flatbeds allow for unlimited configurations of boxes, racks, welders, tires, fridges, flatbed campers and anything else you need for work or for play.

big body diet plan

Weight savings

Our base flatbed weighs in around 250lbs for mid-sized trucks.

Less base weight means less stress over GVRW limits when fully loaded with gear or a camper.

Purpose Built for Off-Roading

Serious Ground Clearance

Flatbeds greatly increase departure angles. Crawl over big stuff