"It's like a truckbed erector set"

Everyone uses their trucks differently. We designed a flatbed system that can be adapted for any use.


protect ya neck


Full-height and half-height designs available.

Easy loading from the sides and rear ensures all loads can be moved with ease.

hold stuff


Flip down to 180°, lock at 90°, or remove entirely with no tools needed. Multiple styles available.

A flatbed with full rack, sheet metal doors, and custom bumper and fender.

now the fun starts


Frame it out with a standard full rack.

Or, shoot us your ideas and we can configure a rack that perfectly fits your needs.

Here is a sample of powdercoat color and finish options, more colors available.

86 color options available


Brackets and extrusions can be powdercoated in any color.


Fenders, boxes, bumpers, etc



Steel Brackets

Heavy duty 3/16" corners and connections

Aluminum Frame

Anodized T-slot extrusions = high strength and low weight

TimberTech PVC

PVC Deck Material

No water absorption, 30% lighter than composite boards, cooler to the touch, and 13 color options


The base tray is a perfect starting point for any build.

have it your way

Any Size

Our flatbeds have a universal mounting system and can be sized to fit any truck with a removable bed, regardless of make or model.

Our flatbeds are designed to hold the full rated payload of your truck.

big body

Load Capacity

Frames are designed to support the rated payload of your truck. Heavier duty construction is implemented on full-sized builds.

Built-to-order flatbeds installed in Los Angeles, CA.