DIY Flatbed Build Process

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Kits Include:

  • All Materials except decking*
  • Installation Instructions
  • Customization Guide

*Decking is ordered locally to save on transportation.

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Prep Materials

Gather simple tools and prepare materials for the build. Simple drilling, tapping, and cutting required.

Assemble Frame

Build the flatbed frame, headboard, rack, and other assemblies off of the truck.

Remove Factory Bed

Use a hoist or 3 friends to move the stock bed off the truck. More information on bed removal below.

Mount Frame and Install Decking

Lift the flatbed frame into place and set the height based on your specific truck and build goals. Then install deck boards.

Add Accessories

Finish your build with lights, doors, boxes, fenders, etc.

Buy from our shop or create your own DIY accessories.